The Top Reasons Your Detroit House is Not Selling

Why is my house not selling? Waiting around for a buyer to come along can be stressful when you’re selling your home. Emotionally, the preparation for showings and let down as no offers follow can be draining. Financially, depending on the circumstances you’re facing, the bills keep stacking up as time passes by. If you’ve … Continued

How to Sell a House With Unpermitted Work in Detroit

Suppose you have been considering making alterations to your home. In that case, the bottom line is to make sure the work it’s done correctly, because it can be difficult to sell a house with unpermitted work done to it. While you may believe you and your family will live in your current home forever, … Continued

A Typical Day in The Life of a Professional Detroit Home Buyer

Speaking with homeowners On an average day, we receive inquiries from property owners who are looking to sell all day long. Many sellers are local however, we also get numerous inquiries and phone calls from owners from out of town as well. In fact, we receive calls from sellers from other states and even from … Continued