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Taking Advantage of a Spring Cleaning to Sell Your House in Detroit

The season of spring is creeping up and it can be a great opportunity to utilize spring cleaning to sell your house. Even though the market is now becoming more challenging for sellers, this could be your opportunity for a successful sale. Planning and preparing quickly could really pay off if you get started now and follow through. Continue reading on as we explain how to use a thorough spring cleaning to sell your house fast in Detroit!


Preparing is quite simple but it is important to be thorough as possible. A great way to get started is by making a check-list of things to do. Decide which items that may be laying around the property you don’t need and make a clear decision on how you will get rid of them. Also, decide which rooms you will begin the clean up process with. You could start with the basement or which ever rooms have the most clutter. Whichever starting point you choose, the point is to work each space in a specific order because this will make things go much more smoothly.

Break out the cleaning products

Now that you have removed all of the unwanted junk and have gotten rid of the clutter, now it’s time to clean. Yes, that’s right! Time to break out the mop, bucket and vacuum cleaner, window washing solution and whatever else you might need. Clean those floors and make the house smell clean and fresh! Pay extra close attention to detail when cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms because these rooms are huge selling points in the eyes of a homebuyer.

Stand out from the competition

Standing out from your competition can allow you to sell your home quickly, even in a buyer’s market. In a buyer’s market like the one we are currently in, the sellers are at a slight disadvantage. In March of 2023, this is due to increased interest rates, which have been causing many homebuyers to back away from buying real estate. This in turn has resulted in increased housing inventory and homes sitting on the market longer than the same time last year. Any competitive edge you can get, can work to your advantage. The truth is, Detroit still has a fairly large supply of distressed homes and blighted neighborhoods. In order to make your house stand out from the rest, a good spring cleaning can go a long way! Sure, doing some updating or even a few home improvement upgrades can help but it’s not always worth it to lay out the expenses involved.

Consult with local experts

It is always a good idea to speak with local professionals before taking on a task like selling your home or rental property. There are various options available! To learn more about utilizing a spring cleaning to sell your house fast in Detroit, contact Detroit Fair Offer here! Or call us at 313-647-8806.

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