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Advice to Help You Sell a House in Detroit After Losing a Family Member

Getting mentally prepared to sell a house may be very difficult at the moment. When you are already dealing with the recent loss of a loved one, it is hard to consider selling a house but circumstances often make it the best option available. Emotionally, it may be easier for you to heal if you no longer live in the home. We offer some great tips to help you sell a house in Detroit after losing someone who was close to you.


Staging will help you to sell a home in Detroit after the loss of a relative. You will want to remove any personal items, collections or photos that show a sense of ownership. Buyers are turned away by the feeling the home already belongs to someone else, so you want to make the house as impersonal as possible. If the thought of living in the home with so many memories only to have to wipe them away for the sake of selling is too difficult, we will explain other options as we dive deeper into this article.


One of the least expensive and quickest ways to help you sell a house in Detroit after losing a loved one is touching up cosmetic flaws. For example, filling in cracks and adding a new coat of paint can freshen the home’s appearance and make it more attractive to buyers. You should also update any minor issues visible to buyers, such as replacing worn flooring or outdated appliances.


Another step is to complete any significant repairs and this will help you sell a house in Detroit after the loss of your loved one, at top market value. Be sure to request an estimate of the time the repairs will take, so you can calculate the time you will still be responsible for holding the property. If the repairs will make dwelling in the home difficult and you can make other arrangements, it might be better to plan your move ahead of the sale and leave the dust and noise behind.


Setting the price right from the start will help you sell a house in Detroit quickly after losing a loved one. However, while you may feel a sense of value on an emotional level, this does not translate into a realistic asking price for your house. If you should set the price too high, the savvy buyers online will simply scroll right by, knowing all too well how much house they can buy for the same amount of money. Overpriced homes also tend to sit on the market and end up selling at very low prices. A professional investor like those at Detroit Fair Offer will explain how they calculated the offer and advise you of what you would gain by selling with a traditional listing to help you make the best choice. Detroit Fair Offer is here to help you. The experienced professionals at Detroit Fair Offer know it can be painful to sell a house in Detroit after losing a loved one. So, we stop and take the time to listen to all of your concerns.

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