The Simple Way to Sell a House in Detroit When Moving to an Assisted Living Facility

When moving to an assisted living facility, there are many details to handle, including selling your home. The method you select to sell your home can make all the difference in making the most money while enjoying a positive experience. Moving and beginning a new lifestyle can be stressful, so why not explore another option that offers a straightforward way to sell a house? For example, you will know every detail used to calculate the profit you could make if you listed your home on the market vs. the offer from Detroit Fair Offer, which you will agree is fair. We do this at Detroit Fair Offer because we want you to feel good about the deal long after closing, even if that means advising you that listing with an agent is better in your situation. Keep reading on as we explore the easy way to sell a house in Detroit when making the transition to an assisted living facility. 

Zero Commissions

One of the most prominent detractors, when you consider listing with a real estate agent to sell a house in Detroit when moving to an assisted living facility, is paying out the big commissions. You will not pay commissions when working with a direct homebuyer from Detroit Fair Offer.

Zero Hidden Fees

Broker fees and other hidden expenses are involved when you list on the traditional market to sell a house in Detroit when transitioning to an assisted living facility. However, you will find complete transparency when you work with Detroit Fair Offer to sell your home and know the precise amount of cash that you will receive at closing.

No Fixing Up

You can forget about passing the inspection or spending thousands of dollars out of pocket before selling your house because Detroit Fair Offer will buy your home in “as-is” condition. A harsh reality of listing is that, more problems with the home could come to light, costing you more in repairs if the house is on the market. Buyers may also back out of the deal should the inspection reveal serious issues. Detroit Fair Offer offers a guaranteed closing date, so you won’t need to worry about your buyer backing out. Saving you from the expenses and headaches of time consuming repairs is another way Detroit Fair Offer helps makes it easy to sell a house in Detroit when transitioning to an assisted living facility.

No Stress

Yet another way selling directly to Detroit Fair Offer makes it simpler to sell a house in Detroit when transitioning to an assisted living facility is that you get to skip the updates to your home and avoid the non-stop cleaning to prepare for inconvenient showing appointments. As a bonus, you will not be paying for any marketing expenses. The professionals at Detroit Fair Offer have years of experience working with homeowners with all sorts of problems; we can help you clear away any hurdles standing between you and selling your home. 

No Waiting Around

When you need to sell a house in Detroit to transition to an assisted living facility, facing so many decisions can be overwhelming. When you list a home on the traditional market, your buyers may have trouble qualifying for the mortgage, and it takes time for all of the steps to be completed for the loan to be approved. Buyers can also make errors with their credit while undergoing the loan process, derailing their qualifying for final approval, then you must start over. In addition, the time you are holding your home on the market while it’s listed is costly, and the expenses keep adding up monthly, known as holding costs. On the other hand, Detroit Fair Offer makes the process effortless because we pay with cash, so there is no red tape with lenders or underwriters to slow down the process. Typically, Detroit Fair Offer can schedule the closing within a few weeks or less. Now, if you feel rushed with such a quick closing, you can relax because we will not be moving into the property, Detroit Fair Offer can work with you to schedule closing on the date you desire.

At Detroit Fair Offer, we listen to you to understand your specific needs. Detroit Fair Offer will not pressure you into signing a contract. Not only does Detroit Fair Offer buy directly, we are direct with the numbers so you can make an educated decision for yourself. Our goal at Detroit Fair Offer is to help you decide what works best for your circumstances. Call today for a no-obligation consultation and feel free to ask any questions and share any concerns you may have about selling directly to Detroit Fair Offer. We are your neighbors, and we’re proud of our work at Detroit Fair Offer, improving lives and neighborhoods in Detroit one home at a time. At Detroit Fair Offer, we are more than happy to help solve the problems of homeowners like you when it is time to sell a house in Detroit and transition to an assisted living facility.

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