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The Simple Way to Sell Your House in Detroit After an Ugly Divorce

The truth is, divorce proceedings are complicated, to put it mildly. The process to sell your house is complex enough on it’s own. It is overwhelming when you think about the stress that selling a home brings and add the trappings of divorce on less than friendly terms.  Your first step is to determine the best method to market the home; a traditional listing or for sale by owner are no longer your only options. Read on to find out the easiest way to sell your house in Detroit after an ugly divorce.


Usually, after a divorce the last remaining issue is to sell your house and divide the profits as quickly as possible, bringing any remaining business matters to a close. Did you know that a direct buyer can ease the strain by guaranteeing your closing date in as little as seven days? However, there is no such guarantee if you choose the traditional route of listing with a Realtor or attempting to sell the home yourself. As the number of days lingering on the market adds up, the monthly expenses for holding the property continue. Unfortunately, the longer a home is on the market, the interest in the property decreases along with the listing price. Thus, choosing the easy solution of making a direct sale to a professional investor, like those at Detroit Fair Offer, can save you time and money.


Quite often, the repairs needed on the home hangover the owners had because they cannot afford the work and are not physically able to perform the jobs themselves. Or even worse, once they’ve entered into a contract, they spent many sleepless nights waiting for the outcome of the inspection, with a feeling of impending doom. As a result, buyers may back out of the deal or demand outrageous credit off the sales price. Another option is to list the home to sell your house in Detroit, “as-is.” However, if any offers do come in, you can expect them to be insultingly low, because most buyers looking through the market listings want homes that are ready to move-in condition. A direct homebuyer like those at Detroit Fair Offer will explain how much you would earn with a traditional listing on the MLS and detail how your direct buyer reached each figure to decide which sales method is best for you.

Running Ads

When you sell your house in Detroit with a Realtor, they’ll recommend staging the home, a method of presenting your house as a blank slate, free of personal possessions that may interfere with the potential buyers envisioning themselves in the space. Top agents utilize the latest technology to their advantage. They wouldn’t list a home without a virtual tour and high-quality professional digital photography of your home is a must to stand out against the competition. By working with a direct home buying company to lighten your load a bit, you’ll save time and money because you won’t need to worry about paying for marketing, professional stagers, photographers and drone pilots, in addition to the real estate commissions. 

Showing The Home

Cleaning and prepping for showings can put you through the wringer when you sell your house in Detroit after going through a messy divorce. At the very minimum, you should add a touch of fresh paint, keeping the staging guidelines in mind for color selections. In addition, given the changes in societal norms and social distancing, discuss limiting the number of people who walk through the home with your real estate agent and give strong consideration to 360-degree video of the house, narrowing the exposure of your property even further. On the other hand, you can leave your worries about strangers coming through your home behind and skip the showings by selling directly to a professional investor, like those at Detroit Fair Offer; you’ll save time and money because you can just skip the cleanup. We’ll handle your unwanted leftovers, too; just take the boxes and furniture you want and leave everything else behind. 


In most traditional home sales, the closing date is also the move-out date. There is typically little to no flexibility as the buyers will be moving into the home as their primary residence. Life doesn’t always work out conveniently and sellers often find themselves pressed for time, having to move temporarily until their permanent housing is available. You could ask your agent to negotiate with the buyers and create a leaseback, whereby you rent the property after closing for a given period. When you sell your house in Detroit to a direct homebuyer, the closing date can be at any time that is convenient for your plans, so you can move when you’re ready.


If you have gone through an ugly divorce and are ready to sell your house in Detroit, Detroit Fair Offer will make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

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