What You May Not Know About Working With a House Buying Company in Detroit Explained

When it is time to sell your house, hold the phone! Don’t just automatically jump to reaching out to a local Realtor to start the traditional listing process. There is a better option than going at it alone! As with every other industry, the methods available to sell homes have evolved and changed, leading to a professional house buying company like Detroit Fair Offer. We will look at five surprising things you may not know about working with a house buying company when selling your house in Detroit.

No Showings

Showings can be the worst part of listing a home. Properties listed on the multiple listing service and everything within them, are available for anyone on the internet to view. If having people walking through your home in person or virtually is something you would rather skip. By working with a direct home buyer to sell your house in Detroit, you do not have to worry about scheduling showings, keeping your home ready for showings every second of the day and continuously having your weekends or dinner time interrupted.

We Purchase As-Is

Getting a home ready for a traditional real estate listing can be a great deal of work and expense. A real estate agent will also order an inspection. There may be major repairs that need completion before closing which comes out of your pocket. Unless your home is in perfect or almost perfect condition, handing over the risks, costs and hassles of repairs by working with a house buying company to sell your house, simply makes more sense. 

We Pay Competitive Prices

Something you may not be aware of is that you will get a fair price by working with a direct cash house buyer like Detroit Fair Offer to sell your house in Detroit. A professional buyer like Detroit Fair Offer will offer incredibly fair prices and takes the time to explain our process thoroughly. When you agree that the price is fair, you can be confident that the offer is the actual amount a direct property buyer will pay you in cash.

We Close Fast 

With a network of industry professionals behind the scenes, you get an entire team when you work with a local house buying company like Detroit Fair Offer to sell your house in Detroit is something you may not be aware of. There is no guarantee if your home will sell with a traditional listing, if you face personal or financial adversity that requires you to relocate and you need the cash from your home sale quickly, they can quickly purchase homes and make you an offer on the spot. Because we pay cash, there is no inspection, appraisal or mortgage lenders red tape to untangle; the majority of deals can close in 30 days or less from the time of the initial meeting!


The ease of working with a professional homebuyer to sell your property is something you may not be aware of. Our contracts are straightforward and we walk you step by step through the process, explaining every step of the way, without all of the complications of listings. There is no stress, and there are no commissions for you to try to avoid by taking on all of the expenses, responsibilities, and risks of selling on your own. 

We make selling your home super easy, saving your time and money! Detroit Fair Offer is happy to answer any questions you may have about working with a direct property buyer and the many surprising things you may not know about selling your house in Metro Detroit.

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