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A Typical Day in The Life of a Professional Detroit Homebuyer

Have you ever wondered what a normal day looks like for a professional Detroit homebuyer? Well, in this post we will outline some of the the average day to day operations. A lot of things can happen from the early morning hours until the later hours of the night. The business of buying houses has a lot of moving parts and it can get extremely busy on a typical day in the field and at the office. It’s somewhat self explanatory that we buy houses for cash but how exactly does a professional Detroit homebuyer operate?

Speaking with homeowners

On an average day, we receive inquiries from property owners who are looking to sell all day long. Many sellers are local however, we also get numerous inquiries and phone calls from owners from out of town as well. In fact, we receive calls from sellers from other states and even from overseas! Although coordinating things can sometimes be challenging due to being in different time zones, we are very good at keeping things running smoothly and communicating with our clients. At Detroit Fair Offer, we take customer service very seriously!

Solving problems

After many years of helping Metro Detroit area property owners we’ve learned so much about assisting people through various situations. As a professional Detroit homebuyer we receive at least a dozen calls a week from landlords who are just tired of owning rental property. Sometimes they are just looking to sell one property and others may be looking to sell off their entire investment portfolio. In either situation, we can easily handle it. During an average day we usually receive one or two inquiries from folks who are selling an inherited property or also may be selling because they can’t afford to pay for repairs or fell behind on the property taxes. Another common motivator for some is wanting to move out of state, quickly as possible.


Going on appointments is more or less an all day thing. For obvious reasons, we only go on appointments to view properties during the daylight hours. Also, due to being in a pandemic we are extremely cautious and take many health and safety precautious to protect everyone. Some properties we view may be owner or tenant occupied so we take safety very seriously. Other houses are vacant and many are in disrepair. We purchase houses in any condition, so whether it’s in terrible shape or move-in ready doesn’t matter.

Meeting with contractors

Working with contractors is a big part of our business. We rely on our contractors for accurate repair estimates which helps us to put together our budget for renovations. Each project is different and the costs usually vary depending on the level of work needed to be completed. We also spend a lot of time in and out of Home Depot and other hardware stores throughout the day, picking out home improvement materials.


A trip to our title company to close a deal or two is also a typical part of our day as a professional homebuyer. We maintain a very strong relationship with our title agents who coordinate our closings. There is a lot of back and forth on the phone and emails, as well as paperwork being sent and reviewed throughout the day.

Verifying records

In the business of buying houses, there is a fair amount of due diligence involved in our process. Frequent communication with the Wayne County Register Of Deeds and the Wayne County Treasurer is also a major part of our daily tasks. Here at Detroit Fair Offer we do everything above board! A lot of time is spent checking water bills, property taxes and verifying ownership.

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