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Can I Sell My House On Craigslist? I Need To Sell My House Fast In Detroit!

Is Craigslist a waste of time for home sellers?

Can I Actually Sell My House On Craigslist? Does It Really Produce Results In Detroit Michigan?

So you’re ready to try selling your house yourself and wondering “can I really sell my house on Craigslist or is it a scam”? Well theoretically you could sell your house on Craigslist or post an ad in any classified section of a newspaper and hope for the best. Craigslist has become arguably the most popular classified ad website in the world and millions of people use it everyday to buy and sell items or services. It can be a great place to buy and sell things like used furniture or household items or even used cars. However, the Detroit Metro Craigslist real estate for sale by owner section is a whole different story.  

Be Aware Of Time Wasters And Fake Buyers!

One of the biggest issues with Craigslist when it comes to selling a house is that the majority of the inquiries you’ll get will be a complete waste of time! There is a combination of “tire kickers” and inexperienced newbie investors. It’s a very rare occasion to get an inquiry from a real cash buyer or a truly qualified buyer who can actually close the deal. Basically the vast majority of the calls or emails you will receive will be nothing more than curiosity calls. It’s almost like there are people sitting at their kitchen tables eating cereal every morning before work and scrolling through Craigslist ads on their cell phones with zero intention to buy anything! It’s amazing how many appointments you’ll set up to show your house and the person from Craigslist doesn’t even show up! This is completely normal and to be expected when trying to sell a house yourself online. Selling a home in Detroit Michigan is tough regardless of how you go about it because it’s a notoriously rough market. So to answer your question about selling on Craigslist in Detroit… The answer is yes you can, but it’s a very slim chance that you will find a legitimate buyer and it’s almost guaranteed that it won’t be a simple process.

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