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Detroit Rental Property Inspection. Is It Time To Sell?

Are you prepared for your rental inspection?

Rental Property Inspection In Detroit Michigan.

The days of buying a house in Detroit Michigan and doing all the repairs yourself and expecting to rent it out are long gone for many DIY landlords. These days your property must pass a rental property inspection and be up to code in the city of Detroit. Landlords will be required to comply with new rules and regulations or there will be consequences to pay. The rules are tightening and being a Detroit landlord is becoming much more complicated than ever before. No system under the sun is perfect and in this case with the implementation of a rental inspection these regulations will most certainly benefit the tenant much more than the landlord. The Buildings, Safety, Engineering and Environmental Department (BSEED)is in charge of making sure that rental properties in Detroit are kept up to code and owners have a certificate of compliance. For further detailed information regarding registering your rental property go here.

Are Your Property Taxes Paid Up To Date And Property In Good Physical Condition?

Is the physical condition of your property good enough to pass the city rental inspection? Have you been keeping  your property taxes current? If you can answer yes to both of those questions then you probably don’t have much to worry about. Being a landlord is a lot of responsibility and can be very hard sometimes as we all know. It requires staying on top of your game and taking care of business. Sometimes unforeseen things in our personal lives can interfere with our business lives and things can get out of control.

Are You Ready To Get Out Of The Rental Business?

If you’re ready to quit being a landlord then realize that you do have some options. The easiest option would be to sell your rental property. Sell your property to a local investor and let them deal with the rental inspection issues. Why continue to pay for repairs and deal with the daily headaches of owning rental property? There comes a time when it’s just better to move onto bigger things and get off the treadmill!

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