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How To Sell An Inherited House Fast In Detroit

Inheriting a property in Detroit can either be a gift or a curse depending on the circumstances. If you are looking for information on how to sell an inherited house fast in Detroit then this blog post is for you! It’s really not quite as complex as you may think. At Detroit Fair Offer we receive multiple calls from people who have recently inherited a property in Detroit but aren’t quite sure on what to do or how to handle the process of selling. After having purchased dozens of inherited homes throughout the city, we’ve become a local authority on the subject. So, if you’re seeking high quality information about how to sell an inherited house fast, keep reading.

Has The Probate Process Been Completed?

One very important detail you should be aware of if you aren’t already is the probate process. In most cases when dealing with inherited property, the assets of the deceased have to go through probate court. If you haven’t filed for probate yet you should consult with a probate attorney before trying to sell the property because it might not be possible to legally sell until it is approved by a judge.

Preparing For A Sale

In order to successfully sell an inherited house quickly, you must carefully and diligently prepare. The first thing you should do is to clean out the property as much as possible. It’s common for folks to accumulate a lot of things over the years and when they pass away, lots of possessions get left behind. You could hold a yard sale to get rid of some of it and keep other items. The objective is to declutter the house the best you can.

Decide On The Method Of Sale

So, now you’re ready to get the house sold quickly as possible! There are 2 ways to get it done and achieve your goal. The first way is to hire a Realtor who has experience with selling inherited property and has an understanding of handling this kind of situation. In other words, don’t just hire any real estate agent with the expectation that they will get the job done. If this turns out to be the method of sale you choose, keep in mind you will be responsible for paying the agent’s sales commissions and some closing costs. The alternative to hiring a Realtor is to sell directly to a local cash home buying company. With this method you are “by-passing the middle man” and dealing directly with the property buyer. A major upside to selling this way is you won’t pay any sales commissions or closing fees.

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