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How To Sell Your House Fast During A Detroit Winter

Winter weather in the Metro Detroit area can be absolutely brutal! So, you’re probably reading this article because you are wondering how to sell your house fast during a Detroit winter! Here at Detroit Fair Offer, we get a lot of questions about tips for how to sell a house quickly during the cold months. A lot of sellers tend to have lots of anxiety, especially as the holidays approach. Once you add the thought of trying to sell a property during these frigid months it could make your head explode! It’s important to get focused and keep a level head before getting started. Do not be discouraged because in this post we will go over 5 great tips on how to sell your house fast during a Detroit winter.

Stay Prepared For The Elements

The weather changes very quickly in Detroit and temperatures can fluctuate rather quickly. Let’s assume you already understand the local winter weather in Metro Detroit and you are ready to sell your house. Once you put your property up for sale, prospective buyers will be coming to view the home. Make sure to keep a snow shovel and some salt at the house just in case of a fresh snowfall.

Salt The Driveway And Sidewalks

When having strangers walking around your property you do not want anyone to slip and fall on an icy surface and getting injured. So, before a prospective buyer is coming over to look at the house, get out there and shovel and salt the walkways and driveway!

Turn On The Heat

If the house you’re selling has functional heating, make sure it is turned on. This will not only make a purchaser feel more comfortable but it will also show them how well the furnace or boiler actually works. A good heating system is a major selling point during the winter.

Winterize The House If It’s Vacant

If the property is going to be vacant heading into winter, it’s very important to make sure it’s winterized. You can start by turning off the water at the main shut off valve. Then drain all valves and faucets inside the home. This will help prevent the pipes from freezing and causing potential plumbing issues. Also, flush the toilets and pour some denatured alcohol into the toilets and sinks. You can also use nontoxic antifreeze used for winterizing motor homes which is acceptable as well. However, do not use regular automotive antifreeze because it can contaminate your drinking water!

Remove Debris From Outside

It’s ideal to clean out the gutters before the winter comes if at all possible. If that isn’t an option, at the very least be sure to gather and remove any dead tree branches from around the property. Even though the lawn isn’t exactly pretty this time of year it will make a difference by keeping it clean.

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