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What To Do If Your Last Tenants Trashed Your Rental Property In Detroit

One of the worst feelings for a landlord, is entering your own house only to find out that your tenants trashed your rental property. If you are a seasoned landlord in Detroit, then you already know that this sort of thing comes with the territory. Not all renters are bad but unfortunately, some just don’t respect other people’s property. Before getting into some solutions for the issue at hand, it is important to try and clear your head and not to let your emotions cloud your judgement. Here at Detroit Fair Offer, we get emails and phone calls 7 days a week regarding rental property issues. If your last tenant trashed your rental property in Detroit, please continue reading this post and weigh out your options before making a decision.

Prepare For New Tenants

This is obviously only an option if you are willing to risk ending up with the same results as the last time. Hopefully that will not happen but as you know, it could. So, the first step would be to clean out the property and secure it. Depending on how much garbage the previous renters had left behind, you may need to hire a junk removal service or possibly rent a roll-away dumpster. In the city of Detroit it is crucial that you properly secure a vacant house because there is a high risk for squatters attempting to illegally move in and for someone to steal your furnace and hot water tank. After thoroughly cleaning the property you will need to repaint the interior and take care of any necessary repairs prior to marketing for a new tenant. All of the above are required if your last tenants trashed your rental property! Also don’t forget to be mindful of the costs associated with this process. It could be a while before you find a new, qualified tenant to lease your property to.

Consider A Few Options For Selling

Under these circumstances, taking decisive action and selling your house could be very beneficial for you. There are multiple choices on how to go about doing this. One option is to go the traditional route and hire a real estate agent which might require some extra preparation, as well as signing a listing agreement. When listing with an agent you will be responsible for paying the agent’s sales commission as well as closing fees. Another thing to consider is that you might be asked to take care of some repairs at some point during this process. If listing isn’t something you would be interested in, perhaps selling on a land contract might be more enticing. Selling your house on a land contract also comes with some risk and liability but if you collect a big enough deposit upfront, that can help mitigate some of that risk. Let’s say your mind is made up and listing or land contract methods of sale just don’t seem appealing at this point. Is there an easier way to just get rid of your unwanted property? Well, the short answer to the question is YES there is! You can literally get a cash offer today and have your house sold within the next 7 to 30 days. A local cash homebuyer can buy your rental property “as is” with no repairs needed to be done on your end. Plus you won’t be required to pay any commissions or closing costs, which is an excellent bonus when needing to sell fast. You’ll be able to feel a great sense of relief and no longer think about the destruction caused by your last renter because it will be someone else’s problem now.

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