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Preparing To Sell A Distressed Property In Detroit Michigan.

Selling A Distressed Property In Detroit Made Simple.

There are various things to consider when looking to sell a distressed property. Although some areas of Detroit are on a housing rebound there are still many distressed houses around the city. When talking about real estate there are actually two main types of distress. One being physical and the other being financial distress. These situations can range from a house needing extensive repairs or can be something financial such as facing property tax foreclosure. Both of these issues are very common in the city of Detroit and we get calls and inquiries on a daily basis from sellers seeking help. Another thing that we see a lot of is out of state investors who got burned by bad property managers. All of these problems are unfortunate but it is a reality. Let’s dig a little deeper into the subject of trying to sell a distressed property.

Assess The Damage And Identify The Problems.

Being aware of what you’re facing is half the battle. If there might be some liens on the property it’s best to have somewhat of an accurate idea of what they might be. Having this information ahead of time will help to keep things simple when selling your house. It’s also a good idea to know what other similar properties have recently sold for in the neighborhood at different levels of condition. If you are aware of what other distressed homes have sold for then you will be able to properly price your home for sale. When you contact us  we will come out and view the house and be able to give you an offer that very same day. We’ve been buying houses and apartments in Detroit for years! We will buy your property in “as is” condition and will typically close the deal within 30 days or less depending on the circumstances. At the very least it won’t hurt to inquire and ask for a cash offer to sell your home. It very well may work out for you!

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