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Preparing To Sell Your House In Detroit This Fall?

Autumn Is Just Around The Corner And You’re Getting Ready To Sell Your House In Detroit.

The fall season is a beautiful time of year in Metro Detroit and it’s almost here. The gorgeous fall foliage and crisp weather will  inevitably be rolling in and you’re considering selling your home. The magic question and concern is…. “Is it a good time of year to sell my house in Detroit?” If your house is in turnkey condition then it will probably sell if it’s priced competitively and in a decent area. Although there is never a solid guarantee of a successful sale, those variables will most definitely increase the chances of selling your house. In this article we will go over some of the unique challenges with trying to sell your house in Detroit during the fall.

Will The Colder Weather Have Any Affect On The Sale?

When the weather gets cold the real estate market in Detroit can slow down very quickly. Typically things move much quicker during the spring and summer months and get slower in the autumn and winter seasons. Although this is not the case 100 percent of the time it is quite common. Less people are interested in house shopping when it’s cold and rainy outside. So the answer is yes! The weather may have a negative affect on the process of selling your house.

House hunting on a cold and rainy day in Detroit is no fun for most buyers.

The Wayne County Tax Auction Is During This Time Of Year.

The annual Wayne County Tax Auction is during the fall.

If you’re property is not in great condition then you’ll need to be aware that the Wayne County Tax Auction is your competition. Every year a long list of properties hits the auction block and are sold for pennies on the dollar. This auction currently attracts buyers from all over the world! Currently there are two rounds of this auction, one in September and the other in October. During this period of time the majority of prospective buyers are more focused on bidding in the auction and not always looking to buy houses on the traditional market. This can be an issue for you as a seller if you’re hoping to sell your house quickly. The reality is that it might take longer to sell your house this time of year especially for top dollar.

Are There Alternatives To Selling My House On The Open Market?

If you want to sell your house fast there are other options available for you. Everyone’s situation is different and there are a million and one reasons why someone might be selling a property. If you are ready to sell your house in Detroit go here. The process doesn’t need to be slow or complicated and the faster you take action the better!

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