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Preparing To Sell Your House This Summer In Southeast Michigan

Planning To Sell Your House This Summer?

Summertime is right around the corner and if you’re looking to sell your house in southeast Michigan this summer then the best time to prepare is now! Nobody wants to spend their whole summer with the time consuming task of selling a property. The entire process of selling a house can tie up your schedule and get in the way of doing the things in life that you enjoy.  If you get a head start by planning today then you’ll be able to enjoy the summertime weather while it lasts. Prepare now and spend more time with family or friends cooking out, going to the lake, fishing, boating, traveling or relaxing…. You get the point!


Some Tips To Get Started

The best place to start is by decluttering the garage and basement because typically that takes up the most time. If these spaces are already clean and tidy then you’re already ahead of the game. If you happen to have a lot of extra junk then you might want to consider planning a yard sale to thin out the mess. If this doesn’t apply then you can focus on starting somewhere else. It never hurts to apply some fresh paint to the interior of the home if you can afford it. Paint is a relatively low cost way to spruce up your house for the sale and will make it much more appealing to buyers. Don’t use experimental colors or anything crazy though. Keep it simple! Another affordable action you can take is to do some pressure washing. You can pressure wash your sidewalk and if you have a concrete driveway then you can pressure wash that as well. If your home has vinyl or aluminum siding a good pressure wash can make a great difference cosmetically to your property. There are local pressure washer rentals available throughout southeast Michigan.

Maintain The Lawn


One of the most important things to keep well manicured is your yard! Keeping the grass freshly cut and the lawn free of weeds and debris creates great curb appeal that is highly attractive to prospective buyers. So be sure to cut and edge the yard weekly this summer! If you have any shrubs, bushes or flowers along the front of your home then consider putting some black mulch along the front of the house. Fresh black mulch will make the front exterior of your house “pop” giving it a beautiful appearance. These are all some very simple and affordable things you can do to help sell your house this summer!

If you’d like some more information on how to sell your house this summer visit here. We buy houses in Wayne County, Oakland County and Macomb County. All over Metro Detroit and southeast Michigan.

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