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“Can I Sell My House In Detroit Without Paying Any Fees?”

Selling Your House Without Fees Explained

“Is it really possible to sell my house in Detroit without paying any fees or closing costs?” Well, it all depends on which route you choose to go about selling your house. In today’s real estate market there are many more options available than there were 10 or 20 years ago. When selling a house we tend to think about either listing with a Realtor or For Sale By Owner but there is another option but it is often overlooked. “So, how can I sell my house without paying those extra expenses that are usually involved?”

You Must Be Willing To Give In Order To Get

If you are looking to sell your house without paying any fees then you must be willing to sacrifice a few simple things. You have to be willing to trade out some equity for ease of transaction. If you want to sell your home fast and not pay any fees then you have to be willing to sell at a discount in return for the buyer paying all of your closing costs. Yes, there are some home buyers who will pay your closing fees but these buyers are not typically buying from the MLS. These buyers are professional real estate cash buyers. In other words they are investors who either fix and flip homes or buy rental properties.

Other Benefits Of Cash Home Buyers

Selling your house to local cash buyers comes with many perks. Not only can you avoid paying fees but you can also sell your house as is and close the transaction much faster than in a traditional sale. In a sale under normal conditions you might be required to make repairs and agree to certain terms that might not be beneficial to your personal needs.

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