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The Facts About Selling A House In Detroit That Is Full Of Junk


There are so many different things to consider when selling a house in the Detroit area. In this article we will be focused on how to sell a property that is full of trash and junk. It is unfortunate, however this is actually a very common problem that many people get stuck having to deal with. Details of the situations may vary but the theme remains the same. Sometimes tenants leave behind all their junk, leaving the owner with a ridiculous mess to clean up. Other times people simply end up inheriting a house with years worth of stuff that was accumulated over time. Regardless of how you ended up in this position, let’s get started and solve the problem of selling a house!

Clean It Out Yourself

You have to ask yourself how severe this is and is it worth your time and effort to do it yourself? How much time will it take to remove all the junk and debris left behind? If you’re up for the challenge then why not do it yourself? You could hire someone to help for a day or 2 and maybe that will make things go a little quicker. Keep in mind that certain items might not get picked up by the garbage truck on trash day. Things like paint cans and tires might require taking a trip to the dump to properly dispose of them. If you don’t have access to a truck or van, you might need to rent one for the job. Uhaul has affordable rates on daily truck and van rentals. Choosing to handle the clean out yourself might be a good option if you don’t mind getting dirty and have extra time on your hands.

Junk Or Trash Removal Service

A lot of folks have busy lives and do not have the time to spend hours or days cleaning up other people’s junk. If you have a lot on your plate and don’t want to do it yourself, you are not alone! Luckily there are companies that specialize in cleaning out properties and removing junk properly and quickly, in most cases. Before selling a house in Detroit we recommend calling a few different trash removal services to get some quotes before hiring one. You can easily find one of these services through a Google search or even on Craigslist. If you are under a tight timeframe to get the property cleaned out before selling then this is probably your best option.

Sell The Property “As Is” To A Direct Homebuyer

Selling a house without worrying about cleaning it out or junk removal is possible. You could sell your property “as is” and let the buyer handle the clean out. Keep in mind that by going with this option, the price you get for the home will reflect the clean out and repair costs. Another great thing about selling to a professional home buyer is the ability to avoid closing fees and Realtor commissions. You won’t need to worry about bringing any money to the closing table and they will handle all of the paperwork involved with the sale.

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