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Selling A House In Poor Condition In Detroit Michigan

Let’s discuss selling a house in poor condition in Detroit. Before you attempt to do anything regarding the sale of your house you will need to carefully consider the situation and be realistic. A lot of Detroit property owners tend to go into a selling situation with an unrealistic understanding of the current market conditions. There is a ton of misinformation about the local real estate market circulating on social media and this has become somewhat problematic. Be realistic about your expectations and realize that when a property is in bad shape you cannot expect to sell it for retail value. Selling a house in poor condition in Detroit is doable however there are a few things you’ll need to think about before you go diving in headfirst. Just remember that this process will be much different than selling a house in turnkey condition.

Go Over The Details Beforehand!

The current state of the Detroit real estate market during the time of this writing is a little bit tricky. Some neighborhoods are in a transitional stage while others are experiencing very little to no progress at all. Areas such as the University District, Boston Edison, East English Village, West Village or Rosedale Park are areas where there has been some recent investor activity here in Detroit. In other words there is some demand for property in these parts of the city at the moment. If you’re selling a property in rough condition in an area where vacant houses are everywhere, then don’t get your hopes up. It’s one thing selling a home that needs a lot of work and it just makes it even more challenging if that property is surrounded by other eyesores.

How To Prepare For The Sale.

At the very least you should clean up as much debris and remove as much trash as possible. This will make it a lot easier to sell your property and won’t scare as many people away from making you an offer! Your ultimate goal is to sell your house and be done with it but that won’t happen until you start getting offers. If you’re selling in the summertime then be sure to cut the grass and if it’s autumn then rake the leaves. These are very minor things but they do make a difference when marketing your house for sale. Don’t bother fixing up the house at all if it’s already in bad condition because you might not necessarily get that money back when you sell. Your best bet is to go for the as-is sale to a cash buyer.

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