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Selling A House You Live In. A Detroit Home Sellers Guide.

Selling a house you live in? 

Detroit Michigan is a tricky market. Selling a house you live in can be difficult unless you’re careful.

Selling your home in Detroit definitely requires some good planning. Sure you could hypothetically just wing it, stick your house on the market and see what happens but the odds won’t be in your favor. There are some serious decisions to be made and questions to ask yourself. What are your specific goals? Do you need to sell fast or do you have all the time in the world? If you want to sell your house fast and skip the slow, traditional process go here. If you have some patience and time on your hands then let’s dig in a little and discuss some of your options.

How to sell my home in Detroit. What factors should I be looking at?

Consider things such as the condition of the neighborhood, the proximity to freeways, stores, public transportation and the condition of your actual home itself. Has your home been recently updated or has it been a while? How old is your roof and your heating system? Does your house need new windows or have you upgraded already? Also have you looked at the recently sold comparable homes in your neighborhood? It’s important to only focus on the sales from the last three to six months. Are there a lot of vacant houses on your block or are the majority of the homes occupied? It’s extremely challenging to sell a house in an area where vacant houses are abundant. Is your house made of brick or is it of frame construction with siding? Brick homes in Detroit generally sell for slightly higher prices than frame. Another major thing to keep in mind is that the majority of Detroit is a cash buyer’s market. In other words property values are still below the requirements for most traditional lending institutions in many Detroit neighborhoods. These are all very basic considerations to think about before taking any actionable steps toward selling your house.

So what can I do to sell my home fast?

The first thing you can do is to make sure that your house is super clean. If you only get one thing from this article, please remember this! Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes so keep these areas organized and as pretty as possible! Absolutely every room in the entire house including the basement and the garage should be clean! This also includes the front and backyard as well. The cleaner the better! Keep your property free from debris and clutter as much as possible. This will create much more appeal to the potential buyers and can help you sell your house much faster. A messy house can scare away your buyer prospects! Also, it’s very important to be readily available to show your house. Your house will not sell if nobody can ever get inside to view it. If a buyer wants to view your home and you aren’t able to get them inside then they will move on to the next house. Don’t drop the ball!

Decide on the method of sale.

We’ve covered the basic prerequisites for selling a house you live in now let’s go over your options for the sales process. You have 3 basic choices and it will be up to you to decide which is most desirable for your needs. You could sell your house by owner and do all of the work yourself. This will require things like marketing, taking calls and screening buyers, negotiating price and contract terms as well as setting up the closing. Or you could hire a Realtor who can handle the heavy lifting for you but you will pay broker fees and closing costs for these services. It can also be somewhat challenging to find a good Realtor in Detroit Michigan. The third option would be to sell your home directly to local cash home buyers in Detroit like Detroit Fair Offer. Go here for a cash offer now.

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