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Selling A Vandalized Property in Detroit MI

Is it Hard to Sell a Vandalized House?

Owning real estate in Detroit MI can come with it’s share of headaches. Unfortunately, sometimes properties get damaged by people and the owner ends up paying the price. In this post we will discuss the process of selling a vandalized property in Detroit. There are at least a few ways to approach selling your damaged house, so will we explain those methods in simple terms. If you are dealing with this type of situation, just know that it is a very common problem in which a lot of Detroit landlords deal with. So, let’s dive in and take a look at some options for selling a vandalized property in Detroit. In all of the strategies discussed below, you will be selling “as is”, so keep this in mind.

The Quickest And Easiest Method

Usually when dealing with a damaged piece of property, things can get quite expensive. You really have to assess how much the property is worth and weigh out how much it will cost to bring it back. Ask yourself if it’s really even worth your time, money and energy to fix it up. The most straightforward way for selling a vandalized house is to contact a local and professional homebuyer like Detroit Fair Offer and simply sell it “as is”. This will allow you to get rid of your “headache property” and remove yourself from the situation. Professional house buying companies purchase these types of problem properties for cash, throughout Detroit. In most cases, it’s easy as reaching out and setting an appointment and receiving a cash offer in writing within 24 hours.

Go The FSBO Route

Trying to sell your damaged house via the “for sale by owner” method might be worth it if you have the time. This will require you to do some advertising and dealing with a lot of inquiries which in most cases probably won’t work out. It takes a lot of patience and some work when selling a house on your own. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about selling a house yourself in Detroit. This method might be worth considering depending on your specific situation.

Flat Rate Listing

Finding and hiring a real estate agent in Detroit who offers a flat rate listing is generally pretty simple. There are some pros and cons with this but it can be worth it if your property is priced correctly from the beginning. One of the biggest mistakes agents in Detroit make, is improperly pricing the house they are putting on the market. This mistake will cause your house to sit for a while, receiving no action whatsoever. Avoid this error at all costs! One of the upsides to hiring a flat rate listing agent is you will save money on one side of the agent’s commission. You may still be responsible for paying the buyer’s agent fee as well as some closing costs.

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