Selling Your House For A Fair Price In The Detroit Market.

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Selling Your House For A Fair Price In Detroit

There are many important things to consider when selling your house in the Metro Detroit area. Ultimately you want to get as much money for your property as possible but you must be realistic. Not all houses are retail ready, in fact unless you have fully updated your house within the last 7 years it’s not going to sell for top dollar. It’s not necessarily impossible but it is highly unlikely. In this article we’ll go over a few good pointers for selling your house for a fair price.

Adjust To The Season

This might seem like common sense but many people tend to overlook these simple details. If it’s summer time be sure to keep your grass freshly cut. It is absolutely imperative to stay on top of this. Rake the leaves in the autumn season and keep sidewalks and your driveway shoveled out nice and clear when it snows in the winter. These simple tasks help buyers to pay attention to the house you are selling instead of the ugliness of a neglected property.

Light Cosmetic Touch Ups

Prospective buyers looking to purchase your house will take notice to minor details. Selling your house for a fair price isn’t rocket science either.  A little bit of paint goes a long way and can make a world of difference to the overall appearance of your home. Paint is relatively inexpensive and a few fresh touch ups where needed will add much more appeal to the buyer’s eyes. Other things such as keeping the floors clean and free of debris will also help. Another fairly cheap cosmetic update would be to change out the face plates on the light switches throughout the house. It’s a minor detail but most definitely makes a difference cosmetically.

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