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The Hard Truth About Selling Your House With Outdated Bathrooms


Bathrooms Are A Key Selling Point Of A Home

Many obstacles and challenges may present themselves when selling your house in Metro Detroit. Some are minor issues and others might be major headaches! One of the most common is when selling your house with outdated bathrooms. For a lot of buyers in today’s market this can be a deal breaker right from the beginning. Fresh bathroom updates that are up to this year’s standards are a major selling point in the sale of a home. The same can be said for kitchens but in this post we’ll focus on selling your house with outdated bathrooms.

The Cosmetics 

Pretty looking bathrooms sell homes! Things like modern flooring and the type of sink is very important. If the flooring in the bathroom is beat up or simply outdated then that could be an issue for a potential buyer. Also people tend to be attracted to great looking bath tiles and modern color schemes. Old and beat up bath tubs or ugly looking towel racks are not going to bring positive attention to the space. The bathroom should have a warm and inviting feel to it, otherwise it might turn off the potential buyer from making an offer.


Not only is the cosmetic aspect of a bathroom important but so is the functionality of it. Things like the design and layout as well as the fixtures. Does the showerhead have good water pressure? Is the toilet modern with a strong flush and is it comfortable? Is the sink area adequate enough for the overall size of the bathroom? Is there a functional medicine cabinet and space for linen storage? These are all very important questions to ask yourself when selling your home. If the bathroom fixtures are old or not fully functional, you can expect to get offers that will reflect those issues.


There are basically 2 options when selling your house with outdated rooms. You could spend some money on upgrades and improve the cosmetics and functionality or you can sell “as-is”. Ultimately the choice is yours and the right choice depends on your goal. If you are looking to sell your home for the most money possible then it might be a good idea to pay for a bathroom remodel. If you can’t afford the cost to renovate then selling your house “as-is”, would probably be your best solution. Typically the best way to decide is to ask yourself what kind of timeline are you on. Do you want to sell your house quickly or is time not an issue?

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