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What To Expect When Trying To Sell Your House With No Garage In Detroit.


Looking To Sell Your House With No Garage?

The hard facts are not always what we’d like to hear but it’s important to be well informed when preparing to sell your house. Detroit is the Motor City and people here love their cars! Not only cars but also boats and motorcycles too. With that taken into consideration you could imagine how important it is to have vehicle storage. Michigan winters are very harsh and the summers can be sweltering hot as well. To simply put it, most people do not want their vehicles parked outside in the elements. Another reason for this is due to security concerns. Grand theft auto and crime is still considerably high in Detroit compared to the national average as of the published date of this blog post. In the Detroit, MI real estate market a garage can add anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 in value to your property on average and even more in the suburbs.

What Your Expectations Should Be.

When getting ready to sell a house with no garage you cannot compare yours to others that have a garage! They are simply not comparable without deducting value. You could get an estimate from a licensed contractor or builder to find out how much it would cost to build a garage and how much the permits would cost but that’s an awful lot of hassle. Maybe you have a driveway with a carport and that is definitely better than nothing but a garage trumps a carport any day of the week.

What If My House Only Has Street Parking?

A house without off street parking available will usually not attract strong offers. Parking on the street can be a major pain in the you know what and puts people’s cars at much more risk of theft or damage. The market wants what the market wants and will only pay what they think it’s worth. If you’d like more details about how to sell your house fast go here.

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