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Why Frame Houses In Detroit Are Hard To Sell Compared To Brick Homes

A typical house in Detroit Michigan made of frame construction.

Why Selling Frame Houses In Detroit Can Be Challenging

 If you’ve been trying to sell a frame house in Detroit and either haven’t been receiving any offers or been getting low offers, there’s a few reasons why that might be happening. It can be extremely frustrating when trying to sell a house and seeing other houses in the neighborhood being sold and yours is still sitting on the market. You might be wondering if there’s something wrong with your property that you aren’t aware of. Perhaps you’ve even done lots of updates to the home and feel that you’ve added a lot of value to the property. The market is the market, and there is simply no getting around it. Real estate markets are based on supply and demand and unfortunately, frame houses in Detroit can be a nightmare to sell.

Reasons Why Frame Houses In Detroit Command Less Interest In Comparison To Brick Houses

There are multiple reasons why brick houses in Detroit sell much faster and for more money than a house built of frame construction. Some of the reasons are maintenance, cosmetic appearance, durability, value and overall desirability. Detroit Michigan has an abundance of single family residential homes made from brick construction. In fact Detroit has some of the most detached single family brick homes of any city in the United States. At some point the siding on a frame house will need repainting, occasional pressure washing and eventually replacement. A brick house is solid and requires little to no maintenance and can last hundreds of years.

Brick homes in Detroit Michigan.

Have Realistic Expectations When Selling a Frame House in Detroit

 The honest truth is that in today’s real estate market it is very rare and unrealistic to receive top dollar for a frame house in Detroit. In the real estate investment world many investors will not even buy a property unless it’s construction type is brick. That is the harsh reality of trying to sell a frame house in Detroit Michigan at this point in time.

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