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Why Your House Has Not Sold Yet | Detroit Fair Offer

Probable Reasons Your House Has Not Sold.

There are many logical reasons why your house in Detroit didn’t sell and that’s exactly what we are going to go over in this post. The simple objective is to sell your house and to get it done as quickly and hassle free as possible right? The truth is, buyers in today’s market can be very picky. The slightest flaws can turn off a potential buyer’s interest at the snap of a finger. As a homeowner you might not even be aware of these so called flaws and that’s perfectly normal because people have different perspectives. Now let’s start to dig in and talk about why your house has not sold yet.

Some Selling Points And Questions To Ask Yourself.

First and foremost, is your house in a good location? Is it in a safe neighborhood or close to a high crime area? Are there good grocery stores nearby or is everything kind of a long distance? Is your house near any major freeways or bus routes? You know the old saying about real estate right? Location, location, location! You better believe it because it’s totally true.

What type of condition is your home in? Are there any repairs or updates needed or is the house in turn key condition? There is a difference between retail condition and an outdated home in need of kitchen and bathroom upgrades. If your property needs a new roof or system updates then it is not retail ready and will not sell for top dollar. If your asking price is too high and is not in alignment with the current market or property condition you will need to adjust the price accordingly!

Put away the distractions! It’s highly recommended that you put away the family photos and minimize what is on the walls inside the house while trying to sell. It can be distracting for a buyer and can take away their attention from what you are selling.

Clean the house! Break out the vacuum cleaner, the mop, and clean up the clutter. There is no bigger turn off than a messy house. It is really hard for many people to see past the mess.

Maintain the yard and mow the lawn! Curb appeal is incredibly important when selling a house. The front lawn is the first thing a potential home buyer will see when they pull up. You only get to make one first impression so don’t blow it.

Allow reasonable access to the property for viewing! If buyers can’t get in for viewing you won’t get any offers. When selling your house you must make it available for showing. If you have a busy schedule you may need to make a few temporary adjustments until the house is sold.

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